We are Bubble Futures Platform.

We were founded in 2019 with the belief that architecture and design have the power to tackle issues far beyond their typical brief. Whether it be social issues, economic issues, environmental issues, or the invisible forces that sustain the world around us, we believe in the power of architects and designers to reflect on the present, and speculate on the future. 

Too often, we see architectural and design media fixated on a narrowed view of architecture. Too often, architectural discourse is dictated by a presumption that the primary role of architects and designers is in the production of medium-sized buildings.

We ask: why? We ask how designers can contribute to a sustainable, equal, stable future for all. We ask how our awareness of space, and how humans interact within them, can serve a greater purpose beyond the architecture that dominates contemporary discourse and media. We ask how we can be the citizens, not the customers, of our future.

Bubble Futures Platform is a place for citizens, not customers. We act as the operator, connecting and uniting designers across the world in a conversation about the future.