> Bamboozle Chocoland​


> Malaysia


Team Members:

Mastura Binti Nazmi,
Nurul Dayana Binti Abdul,
Nur Syazwani Binti Mustapha,
Puteri Mayang Bahjah Zaharin


What if all chocolates in the world do not have any form of limitations? What if all chocolates can be taken by anyone and at any age without affecting our health? Chocolate contains Phenylethylamine (PEA) chemical that can transmit the feelings of happiness. Studies have shown that chocolates can improve your mood, calm you down and help you to feel more at ease. It is also known as a natural antidepressant drug that contains chemical that encourages the human brain to release the ‘feel-good endorphin’. The higher content of cocoa has less fat and can help to reduce stress and blood pressure.


Stress can lead to the feeling of loneliness and isolation and it can be a fragment of mental illness. In most cases, people who suffer from depression would often take pills or drugs to help them to release stress. For some, alcohol is the best solution towards healing. However, drugs and alcohol are often being abused, leading to medical consequences.

Bamboozle Chocoland provides a solution towards the feeling of stress and loneliness. Instead of drugs and alcohol, why not create a magical city full with optical illusion of chocolates that can melt away negative emotions and generates positivity through its bamboozled journey. Here, one would escape from cynical emotions into a limitless journey of wondrous and excitement that is being generated by experiencing and consuming chocolates.

The ambience of the city with the sense of sweetness will encourage the brain to stimulate happiness thus, making everyone walking or experiencing the city to feel alive again. The vibrant city of chocolates will become an alternative solution to depression and feelings of isolation. The Bamboozle Chocoland is a happy place where one could eliminate loneliness and find a new meaning of life.

eliminate loneliness through design