> Bubble Community – Where Co-working Meets Nature


> Malaysia


Team Members:

Nor Athirah Binti Tarmizi,
Siti Nadia Binti Mohamad Daud,
Wan Syazleen Binti Wan Suhaimi,
Puteri Mayang Bahjah Zaharin


Loneliness is a significant crisis nowadays that highly affects the Millennial. The compulsive use of technology is causing the current generation to be more isolated in terms of social interaction and physical relationship. In addition, the addiction towards technology can cause one to be less physically active and increase the tendency for them to spend more time indoors.

Confined spaces that lack interactive areas which can be widely seen in many offices and houses today can also lead to mental problems. The rapid technology advancement has greatly impacted the ‘working norms’ in such a way that the ‘9 to 5 job’ has slowly become inapplicable and that the Millennial are working much longer hours than expected. It has been proven that the right amount of working hours, sleep, exercising, socializing and having the “Me Time” can help to eliminate loneliness. Spending time in the natural environment improves our mental health and wellbeing, combat loneliness and bind communities together. As such, co-working space in an open environment is seen as one of the solutions to combat living and working in confined spaces and thus, help to enhance the interaction between people and the living things.

The prevailing concept takes into the imagination of ‘Bubble’ where the co-working space meets the nature. These spaces are injected in within public areas such as parks and lakes. The visibility allows the users to be closer to the mother nature and still have the facilities and shelter to do their work. Since majority of people flock to parks, it increases the probability of human interaction and encourage the users to walk through the park to get to the ‘Bubbles’. ‘Bubbles’ symbolizes fun, randomness and freedom. Its translucency will help to stimulate the visual of the outside world. With that, the idea of „Bubbles‟ can burst the loneliness epidemic.

eliminate loneliness through design