> Bytom: “post industrial hell after unsuccessful transformation”


> City: Bytom
> Issue: Water and Energy


Team Members:

Sandra Hurek

In Bytom, there were 8 coal mines working 50 years ago. 7 of them have been already closed, very possible the last one will be closed soon also. The transformation started in the 90s. It failed. From being a king Bytom transformed to a beggar now.

During 50 years the city landscape but also its social life have changed heavily. There are terrains which sank even 18m. Buildings are collapsing because of mining damage, people have to be evacuated. Closing mineworks also caused mass unemployment and high criminality. Minings together with climate change follows also in high differentiation in water supply, floods and lack of water come often. Bytom used to be called “postindustrial hell after unsuccessful transformation”.

The idea is to reuse the empty coal mine canals. They are already dug and will get refilled with water, so they will be used as a water reservoir preventing floods or lack of water. This will ensure that 3 millions of inhabitants living in the whole silesian agglomeration are water safe. Another and combined usages as f.e. green energy is also possible.