> City of Villages​


> Singapore


Team Members:

​Adam Yoon,
Hao Dong


Our cities today are plagued by over-planning. Our lives are analyzed and divided by activity which is then allocated a place each. In Singapore, apartment buildings quickly become mono-functional as kids grow up and start going elsewhere to “live” throughout the day. The home is simply a place to sleep. The bonds we orm in each place are thus also “mono-functional” quickly becoming irrelevant as we progress to new “tiles” in the board game of life. Like snakes and ladders, the aim of each player is to reach the finish line and interaction between players is kept at a minimal. This creates a linear social structure and gives rise to cities of loneliness.

​To break this cycle, we must analyze the village, and cater to its rebirth in our cities. In a village, the home is a place to live in its entirety, and shops crop up where needed, employing the very people who will work there. Every individual has a role to play in supporting one another much like a game of Monopoly, where players traverse the same tiles in a loop, relying on one another to progress.

My project features structures that will act as a catalyst for this rebirth. Simple stair-like elements that attach onto apartment buildings, changing the floor plan of each level. With support from mega corporations to fund individual startups, these elements will create new spaces from which residents can grow their own shops and help provide for one another, creating micro villages that allow for a more bonded and tight knit community.

In this, the city of villages, you bond over a multitude of things, and these bonds will evolve and change as you age. This new city will feature circular social structures that are more sustainable and in doing so, eliminate loneliness.

eliminate loneliness through design