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Sonakshi Pandit


This scheme presents itself as a highly speculative co-housing typology, eliminating loneliness on an intergenerational and inter-social level. This is achieved through the concatenation of the co-housing typology with a responsive digital platform, consisting of perceptive sensors embedded within walls of individual units, which inherently detect moods and mutual interests, generating favourable social encounters through perceiving its residences’ compatibilities, communicated via a digital device.

Through this system, residents are informed of potential social activities that can either be initiated by residents in an anonymous or personal manner, or generated through the system, which identifies and allocates social activities, including those that involve social care and support as well as those more recreational in nature by perceiving residents’ dispositions and moods. In addition, these social activities inculcate a reward system, where completion of social activities lead to points and, rather than imbuing a socially-hegemonic approach, points lead to rewards related to temporary savings on utility payments, upgradations of intra-locational facility access and relocation of units. Where activities subsuming socially excluded groups, such as elders and displaced individuals are partaken in, points granted are higher.

The inherent mobility of these units, through the attainment of points, allows residents to relocate on a monthly basis, if necessary, adjacent to individuals who demonstrate high compatibilities, through requests on the digital platform. Additionally, upon complacency with adjacent neighbours, an interstitial element (the mediator) may physically be extended and used to connect adjacent neighbours in a familial manner, expanding the domestic sphere. This may prove to be useful for individuals such as elders, who may be isolated from familial life.

It is imagined that the structure will expand, forming multiple unit blocks and, through the mobility of its units, facilitate relocation of individuals across the globe, effectively combatting loneliness on a macro level.

eliminate loneliness through design