> Cyborg Ecologies: Accelerating The Post-Anthropocene


> City: Bangkok
> Issue: Sea Level Change


Team Members:
Ian Soon Wen

Tan Jee Khang Benedict


The project explores new ways that humans can operate within the deepening Anthropocene, challenging the ontological positions that take for granted a benevolent nature. Examining the socio-political and environmental conditions surrounding exploited workers in Thailand’s waste industries, the project addresses the two-fold conundrum of the vulnerability of coastal settlements to rising sea levels as well as the issue of undocumented workers.

Utilizing technology and hybrid infrastructures, the communities begin to occupy their new aquatic territory by processing the landfill and transboundary waste into building materials, aquaculture and energy systems, augmenting the natural and synthetic systems into a cyborg ecology.

Formerly at the mercy of environmental degradation, the undocumented workers and farmers begin to adapt to their new reality by projecting themselves into an automated future, moving into a new age of technological hyper-acceleration.