> Fun Palace: Marina Center


> City: Macau
> Issue: Regeneration


Team Members:
Chaoying Zhang


The site is located on an abandoned beach reclaimed from the sea in Macau, China.The site includes a cross-sea bridge and a famous science museum.The site is currently under threat of typhoons and Marine pollution.

In order to solve the conflicts caused by land reclamation and make people better understand and get close to the sea, the design takes into account the water level of macau over the years, and forms a defensive landscape through elevation differences and ecological wetlands composed of local plants to reduce the impact of waves on the site. The introduction of the concept of sea glass purification and reuse enables people to understand Marine pollution in various forms and participate in the process of Marine protection.Remediation and purification of severely polluted areas of the site through local plant ecology.

At the same time, in order to better activate the site, considering the needs of surrounding tourists and residents, a series of entertainment facilities such as commercial district, amusement park, Marine ranch, aquarium and seafood market are set up to meet the needs of all ages.Among them, the theme of the amusement park is the casino, and the theme of the science and education museum and art museum is the management and reuse of marine garbage, so as to respond to the cultural and Marine environmental problems in Macao and then connect the past and future of the city.The seafood market caters to the local food culture and has struck an emotional chord with local residents.The increase in aquariums and farms will bring different scientific experiences to young people.The addition of new docks and routes offers new possibilities for viewing the entire site from the sea.