> Loneliness, who?


> Romania


Team Members:

Vlad-Bogdan Coman,
Iona-Cristina Călin,
Alexandru Butcaru


I think we all feel lonely sometimes and everybody can agree. We don’t want to socialize or be a part of any activity. Certainly, in some cases, this feeling is probably much deeper than some of us have ever felt. Our idea is addressed to all the types of loneliness and it is based on interaction and interactivity.

We have approached three different places (always crowded): a square, in public transport and a mall, placing an installation in each of them.

The installation contains, in all cases, a metallic structure with holes where we place remedies for loneliness: displays, boxes and drawing boards. Starting from the idea that these installations will be scattered in public spaces around the world, we expect to heal the loneliness through interaction between people using them. Thus, reaching these structures, through a simple click, you can connect and chat with someone randomly picked from all over the world. Or if you are a kid, you can draw something nice on one board. And ultimately, you can, also, leave or take something nice, a book for example, in one of the glass boxes and feel better.


Even if the principle is the same in all three cases, the form is different: in the square we imagined a circular shape which is known as an infinite form that gatheres people together. Inside this circle everyone can place a post-it on the wall with a nice message and ,also, can be perceived as a contemplating space. In the other 2 cases, in a subway and in a mall, the installation is linear because of the space conformation.

In conclusion, we believe that this is an interactive and fun way to treat loneliness and will help people forget about a bad day or a bad mood.

eliminate loneliness through design