> Magnitogorsk parking problem


> City: Magnitogorsk
> Issue: Transport


Team Members:

Veronika Zapyantseva

Polina Drozdova

Polina Chasovitina

Nadezhda Cotelnikava

Tatyana Shishlyannikova

Morskova Margarita

The first and main trend today is to increase the efficiency of Parking space: how can I make more cars fit on the territory? Looking at this problem globally, our team has identified three optimal options for solving this problem in the future, if the number of cars won’t be reduced.

First module. We have developed the principle of Parking in the air; this principle is suitable for residential areas where there is no possibility of reconstruction of buildings. SOAP BUBBLE – a mechanism, which has the property of mirroring the environment in which it is located, rises and falls according to the principle of the copter, and held at a height by a magnet. Car owner can use his smartphone to maneuver the bubble.

Second module. The flyover system is SPHERE. Designed for places that have high traffic and need more additional parking spaces for cars. The system of overpasses provides a second additional tier for unloading the traffic flow. Drivers can enter the spherical Parking lot, where they can leave their car. The mechanism of SPHERE Parking based on the auxiliary action of an air bag, which allows the car to be at rest.

Third module. FRONT PARKING. Such Parking spaces are possible on buildings where the option of reconstruction of the building or its individual parts is provided – adding Parking spaces to the existing building. The FRONT PARKING system is a mechanism that provides an Elevator attached to the facade of the building. An Elevator takes the car and its owner to the roof, where covered Parking spaces provided. The load-bearing capacity of the building itself is increased by specially created additional frames located on two unused facades of the building.