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Team Members:

Sophia Ros


In today‘s society, the word community still means something different than a few hundred years ago. How can the feeling of a union change so drastically over the years?

Today‘s fellow human beings are largely perceived as an anonymous floating mass in the cityscape. When it comes to career, social status and finances, people often become competitors. Is it possible to revive a community detached from the values and ideas of today? A community or even a neighbourhood that allows living together and not against each other?

Making Space is a tool for collaborating, talking, playing, relaxing and literally making space out of emptiness. Playing with „LEGO“ reminds us of our childhood and friends sharing this experience by creating something new together.

Having this simple tool of creating space on a larger scale can be used as a chance for interaction with people in the city.

Empty space at a parking lot downtown, unused sidewalks in the grey concrete street and a boring courtyard without a place to sit and talk? Say no more and make your own space!

What brings people together? Its the joy for handcrafting and sharing your skills. It is the communication between neighbours, friends and even strangers interested in the idea.

In a Do-It-Yourself-Workshop, voluteers teach how to build and create these Boxes. The material of the boxes is plywood and is gained out of recycled construction waste.

The boxes are modular and vary in scale and size and can be used for seating but also for planting some greenery. The boxes can be rotated and linked together to create a larger module. Additionally, they have the option for group seating to prepare a stage for a musician or theatre. Ready, set and go.

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