> Mind Craft​


> Poland


Team Members:

Jan Sikora,
Ewa Siostrzonek, 
Katarzyna Maliszewska


Feeling of loneliness can be amplified by overthinking when judgments get cloudy and stress gets elevated. When creative, people can forget about producing and controlling negative thoughts and bond truthfully and directly.

MindCraft is a way to let people design their own environment manually from scratch. You can choose shapes, colors assigned to specific features and build together for yourselves and for others. The blocks are made from recycled plastic and are free to take in places located around the cities, next to public spaces. Some of them are so big, that building a structure is possible only with the help of others. Cooperation, which is the main pillar of the game, arise naturally but bonds the most. The spaces which are being created are fluent, always changing. What happens later inside made objects is up to the people. Our predictions include workshops, exhibitions, exercising, meditating and entertainment like concerts or public events.

The building, having in mind the colors’ assigned features, increases awareness and makes it easier to understand others, connect and empathize. MindCraft is a continuous, endless process which leads to healing our society.

eliminate loneliness through design