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> Tunisia/France


Team Members:

Hassene Jeljeli,
Aziz Ben Moussa



Ancient Rome’s latrines, formed by perforated benches that constitute toilet seats, can be public or private, individual or collective. They represent a meeting place where Gallo-Roman people sitting side by side used to do their natural needs.

These toilets presented both a hygienic and a social function. In fact, they used to be a meeting and exchange place for Romans to negotiate, conclude business and make important political decisions.

There was also an economic dimension to latrines. Human excrements were collected and recycled. Urine collected in nearby urinals could be used for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and leather tanning. Feces were also collected and sold as fertilizer.

Our project consists of an installation that aims to break down the barriers created by our current society and helps to strengthen the social bond between the different generations. The idea is to create a contemporary version of the Roman toilets.

The system is designed to be completely self-sustaining: the excreta is collected in a drawer and later discharged into a tank located at the back of the toilet bowl. The hard waste is used as fertilizer for the aromatic plant containers that complete this device. Gases from fermentation process feed a turbine to create electricity for night lighting.

The unit is equipped with a convertible canvas, which discharges rainwater into the planted bins. The water is filtered and then stored in a tank that feeds a fountain to wash hands. This modular furniture allows introverted/extraverted arrangements in order to meet the following needs:

– integration in different contexts with the possibility of use as urban furniture or in festivals.
– meet the user group’s need for privacy in relation to the outside world.

It consists in building mini biogas plant transforming human excrements into electricity and offering extra energy to the community.

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