> Paths to Repair


> City: Hong Kong
> Issue: Community


Team Members:
Wai Chun Michael Cheung


Power to the people are given through streets. In Hong Kong, a city known for its high-rises, the connection to the ground is lost, and subsequently, the connection with each other is also lost. When political issues arise, the people of Hong Kong that has lost the communication and discourse that was so important for the rise of a strong and successful community.

The paths designed are to prevent the dystopian future that the city is currently heading towards. Instead I hope that the city can return to its former glory. The elevated streets will pave the way as people will become more connected and the streets will function as a way of bringing people back together. Existing buildings can become social blocks where everyday activities occur, where you will be able to know your neighbors, and form a strongly bonded community that protect one another.

Not only are the existing buildings a focus, but there also has to be a central hub that embodies the movement. The central hub becomes a place where there are auditoriums for the exchange of ideas, apartments and shops next to each other to form flourishing elevated streets and become an adaptable kinetic building that can transform its facades to protect activists from the state. With the maze-like streets, only the people living in the blocks can navigate easily through them and buildings, which in effect forms a safe social space where the state and intruders will not be able to take over or take away the freedom of the people.