> Playful Cityscape


> Iran


Team Members:

​Loabat Nima,
Negin Baniamerian,
Niloofar Poorsadeghian


In this modern era of fast-paced lifestyle, living and working in cities means being among hundreds of people every day but not making meaningful interactions. Everyone is in rush without having enough time to communicate with others and this gradually brings loneliness among people.

To tackle this issue we need to offer citizens a positive, lively, calming public space that sparks their sense of curiosity and exploration to get together and interact. For many individuals it is generally hard to reach out to strangers and initiate a conversation, however playing games could bridge this gap and make it more convenient and even fun. In fact, game acts as an icebreaker when interacting with people who we do not know. In today’s multicultural cities, playing games together makes communications with people from different cultures simpler. Game can also act as meditation; when we play a game, we are more present, mindful and focused helping us spend less time on social media and make more face-to-face interactions.

The aim of our proposal is to provide an opportunity for people to make new friendships, pair up with others, create memorable experiences in urban spaces and finally have a healthier lifestyle through playing.

To achieve this goal, we have designed various types of group games requiring to be played by collaborations and teamwork. Each level has its own procedure resulting in rewards (i.e. free food, book etc.) for those who paired up with others. This playful public space stems from ground level, goes up around the skyscrapers with its warm colour to reduce the greyness mood of the city and ends on other side of the city block on the ground. This flexible design can be built as an effective solution in every modern city such as NYC, Tokyo or Shanghai.

eliminate loneliness through design