> Reconnecting A City By Its Core


> City: Bremen
> Issue: Social Connection


Team Members:

Yannick Drünkler

Philipp Schmidt

The city of Bremen is one of the Top 10 biggest cities in Germany and simultaneously one of Europe’s longest cities with its longest axis having a length of 38 kilometers.

Due to its length, the city’s districts are much for themselves without social connection among them, resulting in a lack of identification with the rest of the city. Especially the district of Bremen-North is cut off the rest of the city.

In our concept we try to reconnect Bremen’s districts by using the River Weser and transforming its separating force into a dynamic, ecological, connecting attraction that pulls through the entire city along the Weser.

The basic idea is a continuous pier from where the Weser meets Bremen’s borders for the first time up to where she leaves them again. On that pier, pedestrians and cyclists can travel, dwell, and be active on certain sections of it, hopping on and off at prominent locations as required.

The connection originates by linking reoccurring functions throughout the city, such as Universities, Industrial Locations, Shopping malls, Green Areas and Art & Culture and by that their associated districts and guide their connection via our pier on the river and superimposing them.

The result is an initial, natural barrier transforming into an interactive link of the districts, which can be used as a highway traffic route but also become a place to dwell by placing hotspots on it, where you can do sports, play games, have lunch or dinner, or simply enjoy the landscape. By that, the 38 kilometers are rhythmized into walkable distances.

The pier is constructed in modular wooden units in diamond shape with an edge length of three meters. It will be an expandable system depending on the local situation and requirements with repeating elements and recognition value.