> Regeneration of Macao’s isolated waterfront


> City: Macao
> Issue: Regeneration


Team Members:

Shaoyu Chen


In response to contemporary urban environmental degradation, ecological overload and natural disasters, the aim is to create a new type of city in this area to alleviate ecological pressure. According to the surrounding environment state of the abandoned waterfront area, a resilient city suitable for this region is built to arouse the vitality of the city and coordinate the relationship between the city, man and nature. The new urban construction types in this region can not only accelerate the local urban development, but also provide more possibilities for future resilient urban construction in response to contemporary environmental problems.

The work is a waterfront built on the newly filled ground in Macau.

1. Function(Theater): In order to promote the economic vitality of the region, the casino, amusement park and theater are designed to both conform to the local culture and promote the growth of local GDP. The characteristic conch theater is immersed in the water, and the sculpture and the clapping sound of the sea in the outdoor square create an artistic atmosphere to attract people to enter the interior. The interior is designed with the immersive experience as the design concept, which can be divided into two parts: the aquatic exhibition area can watch the historical changes of Macao, relevant performances of past stories, and experience the life atmosphere; Experience the underwater scenery, take photos with various sea creatures, and enjoy local cuisine.

2. The architectural and Ecological: In order to retain the original ecological environment of the area, the design makes full use of the local water body and various plants, integrating the building with the environment. It allows people to get close to nature without polluting, while creating more resilient ecosystems.