> Regents Cycle Superhighway


> City: London
> Issue: Transport


Team Members:

Conor Sanderson


With the rise of cyclists and the rise of motor vehicles in London, a problem that is being faced where the street as we know it is becoming over crowded. London’s streets were not designed to deal with the level of traffic flow and amount of usage it currently receives as more modes of transport are being introduced to the streets of London.

The streets in themselves haven’t grown as a result, there is a larger amount of people battling to use the streets and sadly people fatalities have occurred. Some adjustments have been made however with inclusive lanes such as cycle and bus but this has come at the cost of motor vehicles having smaller roads to drive down or pedestrian walkways reducing which still causes congestion. This however still hasn’t stopped the mount of fatalities on the streets. London has grown and continues to, buildings have accommodated this with the inclusion of skyscrapers which utilise the space above them, however the street as we know it hasn’t changed it’s now time to elevate and grow the street along with the rest of London.