> Revive the Waterways


> City: Kochi
> Issue: Water Pollution


Team Members:

Shannan Kamalaneson

The aim of the proposal is to clear the waterways of Kochi of the invasive Water Hyacinths thus providing a more livable city for future generations and increasing the resilience of the great Indian city. Water Hyacinths will be collected by the public who will be financially rewarded for depositing the weed at set zones across the city, where they will then be converted into profit generating asset: Bio-fuel, bio-fertilizer, crafts or isolated chemicals.

The key hub which will be designed for improved resilience will be a bio-fuel and bio-fertilizer plant which will be a land and water intervention spanning thirty years to allow for successful Water Hyacinth eradication and improved community resilience. The proposal will therefore provide a Water Hyacinth conversion plant as well as a community garden, visitors center, restaurant, educational space, research lab and a local market amongst other community strengthening facilities creating a new resilient economy and future.

The structure of the plant will be modular flexible floating structures to allow for ease of transportation through the waterways of Kochi and harvesting of the weed. Furthermore, the floating nature of the plant allows for additions and subtractions to be simply made to the colony of floating buildings and also allows the plant to be towed to an alternate site worldwide after the Water Hyacinth invasion in Kochi is tackled. Hence the precedent proposal can continue to create resilient futures globally by removing the weed from contaminated waterways outside its native habitat.

Additionally, the intervention will aim to demonstrate to the community the benefits of uncontaminated waterways and their improvements to livability with the intention that the proposal will create long lasting change to Kochi’s waterways through a newfound respect for the gifts that healthy waterbodies can provide.