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Team Members:

Sameh Ibrahiem Emam


In the world of social media and digital connections, the idea which can cure Loneliness must begin in the virtual world first in order to spread and reach as many people as it can.

ROOFMEET is a mobile application which connects the real world with the virtual one by encouraging users to meet each other on the roof of the buildings. Rooftops are special places where one can see the city from above, with new perspective and new point of view. It is a good place to teach people to communicate and to share experiences, and also to play, enjoy, talk, study and connect.

The application uses common activities as a motivation for users to go and try these activities on a new ground with a new view. Then the process of communication after that is very easy for anyone since there is already common ground, so they’ll act normal and will leave the place with one or two new friends.

The application is not only good for lonely people, but also it can work perfectly with social people and it can make the neighborhood more connected and more secure since all the inhabitants know each other.

It can also benefit the city with new public areas made by people and it can make whole new experience for any tourist or new lonely visitor in town who can start many relations in these rooftops.

eliminate loneliness through design