> Social Mitosis​


> Brazil


Team Members:

​Alexandre Rennhard Biselli


Why do people get together? To do stuff. To eat, to play, to fight, to work. By doing things together, trust and synergy are built developing into strong bonds.

However, with the advancements of technology, every little action is now done by one individual, either for convenience or productivity increase. In other words, technology has increased productivity and convenience, but also the division of people. In addition, all of this happens in a system that is constantly trying to further divide/eliminate people to increase its productivity. Every individual is now, not only atomized but, dependant on the system, constantly trying to find some new intangible and obscure function to serve society in exchange for worthless pieces of paper, which will finally be traded for food and a box to live—alone.

Nevertheless, far from a Luddite’s dream, this is a call for attention to a movement in society that is picking up speed: DIY modern homesteading. Away from the intangibility of today’s highly over-leveraged global economy, individuals are starting to build decentralized, self-sufficient systems for living. Taking from the current system only what will help towards self-sufficiency, a massive social mitosis is on the horizon. When enough people do this, off-grid communities will arise, a movement back to a fully tangible way of living based on harvesting resources directly from nature, self-reliance and community cooperation.

Just like picking fruit from nature, plastic “waste” from our current society will be collected, recycled and 3d printed into any object needed. Plastic will then become the main currency. Houses will be incrementally built with plastic bricks as a durable option and as a store of value—melt value architecture. Paradoxically, to end loneliness we must actively become independent of millions to, once again, rely on a few.

eliminate loneliness through design