> City: Gurgaon
> Issue: Public Space


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Gurgaon has been creating a distinction between societies, since the day it began sorting out itself. Here, rural Gurgaon suffers whereas urban Gurgaon puts up a fake face at front of it being a land of luxurious amenities.

The Cultural and Socio Economic diversity have always been a feature of this city. It is a fast growing economy with migrants coming in the search of a better working environment from all over the country.

But where the population growth in Gurgaon never decreased, the city forgot to respond to the needs of all its residents. Gurgaon lacks in embracing this diversity rather than continue to create islands of privilege and exclusion.

Our project tries to cater to these social and economic issues that Gurgaon has been facing due to the privatization of its public spaces by creating a democratic public realm, with “accessible to all” public spaces at intermediate levels.

When we talk about Gurgaon and its people, the planning and development of Gurgaon has in a way affected the inner energies of its residents. The people of Gurgaon are becoming not just a part of this privatized community, but they have instead lost the spiritual connection with inner consciousness and outer reality.

Hence, Our Project revolves around the central idea of collaborative cloud which forms the nucleus of collective liveliness and tries to create realizations related to the thought that “You are what you seek for (looking towards self-development) and people around you are a part of the universe you revolve with. (Power of unity)”

According to George Gurdjieff, the Fourth Way mainly addresses this question of people’s place in the Universe, their possibilities for inner development, and transcending the body to achieve a higher state of consciousness. In Sanskrit this fourth way has been represented through an axiom – Tat Tvam Asi which is the famous expression of the relationship between the individual and the Absolute.