> The (Dual)-City


> City: Hong Kong
> Issue: Affordability


Team Members:

Verona Leung

Cheuk Ying Sharon So


Infamous for its high density, Hong Kong suffers from distressed housing shortages distinguished by inflationary markets and acute economic disparity. While the government announced policies e.g. vacancy tax, in an attempt to address the issues, our project speculates on the role of one of the city’s dominating developments: the metro infrastructure (MTR).

The privately-owned metro infrastructure has been developed rigorously using the rail-plus-property business model since 40 years ago. The MTR corporation is granted land development rights alongside railway from the government to build integrated stations incorporating residences, offices, retails, schools and parks above stations and depots.

Our project sees the potential of this intensified mode of development in response to limited land resources and soaring property prices. Therefore, we propose a parallel city, with the revenue of the mass transit to fund more affordable housing options and provide better access to civic spaces.

The map is a radical representation of this future ‘MTR City’, in which we extracted the railway and presented it solely based on time and programs. It explores the proposition of how the railway could be developed as a city. Each line serves as a district; station serves as a neighbourhood; forming an urban ecosystem within the network that defines a new mode of living. Programs e.g. residential communities, civic, green spaces, business exchange hub etc. as well as supporting services are added along the railway, creating a more comprehensive living experience for the citizens.

This transformative speculation of railway infrastructure as a self-sustaining city involves multiple layers of imagination and bottom-up engagement. We believe that a game board can create dialogues between different stakeholders and encourage them to question and orchestrate this new city, hence create more sustainable and resilient ways of living in this dense urban context.