> The Future of Mixed Use Communities​


> UK


Team Members:

​Peter Gorton


The idea behind the project came from a survey taken from the residents of Ellesmere Port, a small town in North West England (and also the location of my design.) I asked them “what is your opinion/concern regarding loneliness and social isolation?”

Many of the responses were that social media/computer consoles are brainwashing our population and thus causing an unhealthy state of mind due to the lack of interaction with the outside world.

Their second concern was the thought of becoming lonely at an elderly age, potentially not having friends, relatives or neighbours that would visit them. These opinions/concerns gave me the idea of an “intergenerational mixed-use housing community,” a community that would be structured around a courtyard space with interactive elements within and throughout, that encourage interaction.


In my opinion, loneliness and social isolation can be seen as a result of our built environment. In particular some of our housing typologies have been arranged outward facing, detached from one another, with fences separating each property and therefore inadvertently creating social isolation.


eliminate loneliness through design