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In this essay, we will tackle loneliness issue, which will resulting depression from being alone. Many factor could cause this problem in an individual, from lack of interaction to feeling isolated from others like an outcast. The problem doesn’t stop there. Lonely people pay more attention to negative information, which leads to negative expectation about future interaction that could have gone wrong.

We created an eventual installation with the shape of a labyrinth, hence the name The Labyrinth. The installation itself follows the purpose of labyrinth, as a symbol of pilgrimage, ascending toward enlightenment, in this case enlightenment from loneliness. The color of The Labyrinth follows the psychological function of four colors; purple, green, blue and yellow, in order to increase positive atmosphere.

There are some ways on how to ease or even get rid of the feeling of loneliness. The most common way is to get counseling from the professional or in other word a therapy. The Labyrinth, consist of many therapy which helps an individual to be more open to his/her environment, another individual and lastly to a community.

The idea of the program comes from the needs of interaction, either with a living thing or the environment, in order to eliminate the feeling of loneliness. The programs is divided into 3 steps. Each steps has its own purpose in eliminating the negative wariness of their surrounding. With many options inside The Labyrinth, visitors have to choose his/her own path in order to complete each steps with the best benefit from their own preferences.

Since loneliness does not occurred in one place, The Labyrinth is going to be an eventual installation which will be moving from one place to another.

With this installation, each visitor is expected to find themselves immersed in the environment and finally opened up to their surrounding in order to eliminate their feeling of loneliness.

eliminate loneliness through design