> The Loneliness Smasher


> Australia


Team Members:

​Liang Shan,
Lei Yu,
Jie Yan


People born in the floods of technology developments, yet isolated from the mainstream; most people might not agree some ideas with the “smarters”. They were isolated. They can’t unite or find a way out of it, they have lost the ability. They are the Cyber Weirdos. But now, they feel lonely.

Can we destroy loneliness? Someone decided to bring up the attention of it to their AI Life Managers,” Where is the equipment that will destroy the feeling of loneliness? Where are those mighty technology guys?”

And…Booooom! The “THE LONELINESS SMASHER” is born! “Just the price of a box of cereal, you can easily unlock your new loneliness-free life style!” says the broadcast all over the street, “Are you feeling lonely? Try THE LONELINESS SMASHER! Own the most fashionable Cyber equipment of the year and your own room in the center of the metropolis!”.

1. Take deep breath;
2. Open the LONELINESS SMASHER collector’s edition package;
3. Put it on your head, and connect it with your Cyber pivot;
4. Wait for it…

(Notification to all users: The Loneliness Smasher will be permanently connected to your cyber pivot, once it’s connected, your consciousness will be projected into your own room in the Loneliness Smasher Centre located in the central CBD of the Capital City. You can be anyone, do anything within your space, socializing with real people who visit your room.)
WARNING: Disconnecting the equipment without permission from the system will cause unknown damage to the user!

When people see using this machine, life gets better, it became a trend. For those who are not in the trend, would they feel leftout? Loneliness is a person’s revelry; revelry represents the entire world’s loneliness. Should loneliness be eliminated?

eliminate loneliness through design