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Team Members:

Zichun Huang


Seemly, the internet provides a platform where our spirits become more interconnected. However, loneliness related depression has never been so evident among the young generation. Could physical distance be replaced by mental distance? why do people feel lonely when they are physically surrounded by others? In the mean of recreation, The Maze park attempt to answer the questions by reinforcing the physical interaction with meaningful discussions.


There are three types of spatial structures in the Maze, respectively, The Corner, The Room, and The Bench. The Corner consists of mainly L and T shape walls. In each turning corner, there are sensors installed to detect the movement of participants in the area. Sensors will send out signals to the selected targets approaching the corner from opposite directions; when the targets receive signals, they start to chat the topic written on the adjacent wall.

 The Room, a place for group discussion, is formed with two circles. The space is open to all participants. The topic of the discussion presents on the exterior wall. The core of each question should focus on the lives of the young generation. Through discussion, the participants will be able to gain a deep understanding of themselves, and their personal values in the society.

The Bench is shaped to provide space for a private conversation. Each space allows maximum occupancy of 2-3 persons. An individual could customize the displayed question after entering the space.

Making use of leftover space in the city, the system could not only be permanently built at any location but also set up as a pop-up park. Inside the Maze, it is mandatory for all to equip with a smartphone and a mask. The mask, to some degrees, protects the anonymity of the users who will be able to freely express thoughts and eventually to achieve meaningful communication.

eliminate loneliness through design