> Uroborus – Becoming Whole


> Romania


Team Members:

Zamfir Sergiu Andrei,
Moga-Paler Mihai,
Strimbu Adriana Georgiana, 
Seregi Alexandra Maria


The feeling of loneliness often doesn’t come from simply being alone. Hence, being around others rarely improves things, for it is a meaningful connection to others that one truly seeks when dealing with it.

People generally despise being lonely. Most of us turn to our friends or families when we need someone to comfort us through a rough time of our lives. However, certain people seem to have distanced themselves so much from others that they become unable to construct new, meaningful relationships. They feel out of place in any situation. The world seems hostile. They don’t want to be lonely, but they don’t see any alternative.

The main issue lonely people face is that they find it difficult to start a conversation. Most anxiously become trapped in overthinking, for fear of embarrassing themselves. Others might avoid social interaction altogether if they don’t think they have a valid reason to start talking to someone.

Our proposal is a gently nudge towards a solution. What we propose is not only an object, but an experience aimed for those who struggle with social interaction. A network of demispherical pods placed around the world. The halved shape is meant to appear odd from the outside, as if something is missing. It only becomes whole when two strangers from anywhere around the world get in touch using these pods; they become a complete circle. Stepping within the pod coincides with the idea that loneliness is an issue that must be tackled firstly from within. We believe that a socially active device can help the lonely understand themselves more and give them the courage they need to approach interaction with others. The purpose of the pods is to connect. Once the two strangers notice that not even a language barrier can stand between their will to interact, they would hopefully feel more at east when approaching other people. Such one-to-one experiences with others, near or far, can be a powerful first step in acceptance and ultimately, making meaningful bonds.


eliminate loneliness through design