> Walkthrough Coloured Park: Urban Living for the Elderly


> Malaysia


Team Members:

Mohamad Hafiz Bin Badaruzzaman,
Muhammad Faiz Hazim Bin Jpari,
Mohamad Afiq Bin Zaimi,
Puteri Mayang Bahjah Zaharin


Based on the research conducted by the Public Health Devon, the two highest rates of loneliness around the world are among the millennial and age folks around 65 years of age and above. Elderly are our main target user in enhancing our innovative ideas for a better health-giving environments. 

The main reason for this is most of the elderly people are living in a loneliness state where the younger family members have moved out from the house, old friends have left towns and even worse, peers have passed away. However, there are six keys in dealing with loneliness at old age which are exploration of surrounding things and nature, health centric, creativity, appreciation towards life and living, involvement in community works and pet adoption.
Walkthrough Coloured Park is an environment-friendly space full with social interaction activities and is surrounded with vibrant and energetic colours that helps to enhance the well-being of the elderly population. Why park for elderly? It provides valuable assets for urban areas through its recreational occasions which serve as places for social interaction and offer a great sense of natural breathing to urban dwellers

Decorating with the elderly in mind, the park also addresses warmth, security and harmony through its soft colour pastels which can be seem via the pathway directions and vitality of hue colors that differentiate programmes to help stimulate their mind and mood. In addition, the park is also designed with equipments that support low-impact physical activities, gardening plots and spacious areas that are easily accessible for group interaction.


eliminate loneliness through design